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Stephen Simpson's Organs.


I've always had a love for mechanical organs, on day trips with my family as a child to Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, there was a fairground with an organ on a roundabout there, adjacent to the beach. I spent hours listening to that organ as was fascinated. My father was a fan on the cinema organ, but also had a handful or records of fair organs too.


I started going to steam rallies in my teens and saw more of these organs and started collecting recordings for myself.


I became fascinated in how an organ could play music from pieces of cardboard with holes in them and also the different types of pipes that made different sounds.



In the 1970's I met Arthur Prinsen, Belgian music maker and he told me a little about how the cardboard books were made. I wanted to have a try, but decided I neede more musical knowledge first. Later on I started making organ music, but this really didn't go very far until I got my own organ in 1988.


Now mechanical organs are associated with monkeys, but I had a cow puppet instead and branded my organ music 'Happy cow Music'


I made arrangements in book and roll form for all kinds of instruments, but stopped the business a number of years ago as I could not continue to spare the time.


I continue to make arrangements and midi files to this day.


Over the years I have owned several organs, and currently own a midi operated street organ 'Carianne' with an extensive  repertoire.